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“I was given all the relevant information I needed to complete the process. No unnecessary jargon. They’ve made the whole process very simple and the systems are very user friendly.”



“IFG were very responsive and turned the will around really quickly. I really liked the fact they took a boring legal document and made it personal with the “messages-to-loved-ones” section. Genuinely a pleasure.”



The Prophet said “It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to will to stay for two nights without having his last will and testament written and kept ready with him.” (Bukhari)

Chances are you do not have a will. But you probably would if you could do it online within 30 minutes for just £98.

Experts in Islamic and English law

An Islamic will needs to be legally binding and adhere to the Sharia. Our in-house experts include a Mufti and 2 highly-trained lawyers.


Ibrahim: Alim & Lawyer (BA University of Oxford)

Mohsin: Lawyer (BA University of Oxford)

Billal: Mufti & Islamic finance expert

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How it Works


We take your privacy very seriously at IFG Wills. We use world-class systems to ensure your data is protected.

We are cheaper, faster and better


Most solicitors will charge over £200 for a will, and many will charge over £500. We’ve woven technology into the process to allow us to bring you a complete will service for just £98.


You can write your IFG Will in the privacy of your own home, within 30 minutes. No need to arrange appointments with solicitors. We’ll have the will with you within the week.


Each IFG Will includes a full breakdown of your Islamic inheritance, is signed off by a Mufti and is drafted by City-trained lawyers.